Curriculum Vitae


Payam Mokhtary, PhD
Associate Professor of Numerical Analysis

Name: Payam Mokhtary
Current Official Address:
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Basic Sciences,
Sahand university of Technology, Sahand New-Town, Tabriz, Iran.

Tel: 041-33459040

PhD: Applied Mathematics (Numerical Analysis), K. N. Toosi university of Technology, Tehran, Iran. (2008-13) Applied Mathematics (Numerical Analysis), University of Tarbiat Modaress, Tehran, Iran. (2006-08) Pure mathematics, University of Urmia, Urmia, Iran. (2002-06)

Teaching Experience:
- Approximation Theory (Graduate Level)

- Numerical Solution of Ordinary differential Equations (Graduate Level)

- Fractional Differential Equations (Graduate Level)

- Numerical Solution of Integral Equations (Graduate Level)

- Numerical Methods in Linear Algebra (Graduate Level)

- Advanced Numerical Analysis (Graduate Level)

- Mathematics Laboratory (Graduate Level)
- Advance Engineering Mathematics (Graduate and Under Graduate Levels)

- Differential Equations, Calculus 1, calculus 2,  Numerical Computations(Under Graduate Level)


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[1] Petrov Galerkin Method for Fredholm Type Fractional Integro-Differential Equations, 12th Seminar on Differential Equations and Dynamical System, University of Tabriz, Iran.

Graduate students:

Ph. D. students:

[1] F. Ghanbari, (Joint with Dr. K. Ghanbari), In Progress,

[2] Y. Talaei, (Joint with Dr. S. Shahmorad), In Progress,

[3] H. Rezapour, (Joint with Dr. H. Zahed), In Progress,

[4] A. Faghih,  In Progress,

M. Sc students:

[1]  M. Gholipour, Convergence analysis of spectral Galerkin method for numerical solution of high-order differential equations,
September 2015.

[2]  S. Kafili, Piecewise collocation methods for fractional integro-differential equations with weakly singular kernels, September 2016.

[3]  H. Ansari, Spectral methods for pantograph-type differential and integral equations, September 2016.

[4]  Z. Keramati, Convergence analysis of spectral and pseudo-spectral Galerkin methods for Volterra type integral equations, September 2016.

[5]  N. Ayazi, Fractional Sturm-Liouville equations and their applications, July 2018.

[6] Z. Shahbazi, A multi-domain spectral method for fractional differential equations, In Progress.

[7] M. Parvizi,
Fractional Laguerre polynomials and their applications, In Progress.

[8] Sh. Razmavari,
 Fractional Gauss quadrature and its application in fractional variational problems, In Progress.

Reviewer of the journals:

Applied Numerical Mathematics, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling and Analysis, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Mathscinet, Journal of Mathematical Extension, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology(Scieneces).

Awards and achievements:

  • Distinguished researcher award of the faculty of basic sciences, SUT, Tabriz, Iran, 2016.


  • Iranian Mathematical Society.